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Replacing Metal with Plastic Parts

With the continuing development of injection mouldable plastics, giving an ever-increasing variety of properties it is now more than ever a good time to look at your products to see where cost savings can be made by switching to plastic instead of metal.


We have already done this for a number of clients to great effect, giving them parts that are cheaper but just as reliable. In some cases the chance to re-evaluate the design has led to greater savings by combining two parts into one or by changing the design to reduce assembly costs. 

As well as the cost, there are many other advantages that swapping to plastic can provide. 

Reduction in weight – one bracket that we changed was reduced from 85 grams to just 12 grams.


Greater flexibility in design – some features that are very difficult to produce in metal can be produced relatively easily in plastic. 


With plastics there is no corrosion – therefore doing away with expensive protective coatings. 

Insulation from heat and electrical currents. Although modern plastics can be made conductive and also magnetic! 

There are many other properties that can now be specified in plastics such as:-

Self-extinguishing plastic – it will actually put it self out if it catches fire. 

Very low friction plastics can be obtained with the addition of substances like PTFE or silicon. 

Anti static and electro-static dissipative plastics.


And many more. 


Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your particular parts. You’ll be surprised at the things you can do with modern plastics.

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