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Insert Moulding, Over Moulding & Filters

What is insert & over moulding? 

In insert and over moulding an existing part, (which can be plastic, metal or even paper) is loaded into the tool. The tool then closes and the plastic is injected in the usual way, encapsulating the originally loaded part, partly or wholly in plastic.


If you have an application we can cover it, leaving you time to concentrate on other matters. 

There are many reasons why this may be required:-

To give a strong metal attachment to a plastic part.


To encapsulate a bearing inside plastic for a wheel or other turning/sliding application.


To give support and location to a fine mesh – as in filters.


To give a warm feel to a metal part.


To insulate part of a metal component.


Even to make a part more aesthetically pleasing.


All of the above are things we have done for our customers. 


By using Split Line and Manumold, as well as ordinary moulding machines we are perfectly equipped to fulfil all your filter, insert and over moulding requirements. 


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